Top Minority Health Month Speakers

The fact is that Bias and Anti-Racism exists in medicine in the US. Ethnic and Racial disparities in infant and maternal health sadly have a long history in this country. With Roe v. Wade overturned, laws diminishing human rights, and increased barriers to quality medical services, the situation is even more bleak. 

This April, our talent is speaking to efforts to not only protect, but to empower diverse peoples – including Black and Brown women, birthing people, and their children – who are caught in the impossible maze of a detrimental birthing crisis.

Dr. Deirdre Cooper Owens - Melibee Global Speakers

Dr. Deirdre Cooper Owens

Dr. Cooper Owens’  work on medical history and medical disparities in the US makes her a leading national authority on this topic. She is the author of the award winning book “Medical Bondage: Race, Gender, and the Origins of American Gynecology.” Her National Minority Health Month talk will remind us of the history that hasn’t always made our school textbooks and will inspire and empower us all to better understand how the past is always connected to the present.  She is a popular speaker on our roster – with consistent feedback for her ability to deeply engage diverse audiences. As one of the country’s most “acclaimed experts in U.S. history,” according to Time Magazine, she is steadily working towards making history more accessible and inspiring for all.

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Candace Doby

Candace Doby is all about courage – and she knows that speaking up to push for quality and equitable healthcare for ALL people requires a whole lot of courage in the US. Candace helps us think about what stops us from taking worthwhile risks in the workplace. How do we take risks like having hard conversations about diversity and equity, showing up authentically for ourselves and our teams/those we serve, and challenging old systems that do not benefit new workplaces and realities for human bodies?  The answer for Candace centers on courage. As a speaker, coach, and mom of a precious two year old (you can read her experience “What I Learned while birthing as Black in my 40s” here), Candace leverages stories of courage to remind participants how to conjure their own to speak up, step up and show up at work, and for themselves and their families. 

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Jennifer Hamady

Jennifer Hamady is a Mexican/Lebanese/Cuban board certified therapist who understands the necessity of the empowered voice. She’s a nationally recognized self-empowerment expert who guides humans with deep heart and truth about how to stand up for oneself in all settings – from the board room to the doctor’s office to the labor room.  Her work is highly interactive, skill based, and will forever change how you exercise your voice for your work and your passion for serving others in a healthcare setting. Jennifer is also a grateful mother of a healthy son.

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