Arab-American HERITAGE Month Speakers

During the month of April, the US formally recognizes the achievements of Arab Americans through the celebration of National Arab American Heritage Month (NAAHM). This month celebrates Arab Americans throughout history and recognizes their many contributions to the US. It also is a time to combat Anti-Arab bigotry, and to challenge stereotypes and prejudices against this diverse community.

Nadine Naber, PhD

You have found her – the top Arab American heritage expert in the US! Dr. Nadine Naber is a proud Jordanian American who serves on the boards of the National Council of Arab Americans and the Arab American Action Network. She is the media’s “go to” person for better understanding the incredible beauty, brilliance, and diversity of Arab Americans. In this talk, Nadine will bust myths about who Arab Americans are, reminding us that the media often does not get it right. She’ll share stories of well known public figures who you may not realize are Arab American. You’ll leave this talk with a new found (or reinvigorated!) curiosity, respect, and appreciation for all that Arab Americans have contributed to the US as well as a better understanding of how/why they not properly recorded on the US census, too.

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Jennifer Hamady

Of Lebanese, as well as Cuban and Mexican descent, Jennifer Hamady is not only a renowned expert on self-expression and communication, but as well, in empowering leaders to honor and integrate cultural self-knowing and awareness into their professional and personal being. Supporting men and women to recognize, confront and overcome the cultural and self-imposed restrictions on their authentic expression and being, this Arab American Heritage Month offering will leave those of all backgrounds more empowered to see and celebrate the essence of themselves and all with whom they interact.

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