LBTGQ/Pride Month 2024 Keynote Speakers

Pride Month aims to improve the health, safety, and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people – and to remind the world of their humanity so that we can ALL be seen and appreciated for being authentically who we are without fear.

At Melibee Global Speakers, we are grateful to share three outstanding Pride Speakers for consideration.

Selected LBTGQ Pride Month Speakers

Michael W. Twitty

Culinary historian and media commentator Michael Twitty is a proud gay, black man. Black gay men have never been more hyper visible in American culture and yet Black gay men are still facing unique struggles and challenges that are unique to their diverse journeys. Join this beautiful Black gay man, openly gay author Michael W. Twitty, for a discussion on the dichotomy between visibility and invisibility and slow acceptance. Learn the history of Black gay men in America and take a peek at solution points for a brighter future for the LGBTQ community and beyond

Learn more about Michael W. Twitty

Jennifer Hamady

Jennifer Hamady is a nationally known voice expert. The addition of her training as a board-certified therapist makes her an ideal candidate for Pride Month keynotes and conversations. She has a unique and beautiful way of sharing stories and bringing people into an immediate space of trust to ask hard questions – and then to respond to those moments with incredible grace, love, care, and offerings to try on. If you are a company or organization that is open to sitting in discomfort to break through any topic and are seeking someone to speak less about the history of Pride Month but more about how we can support each other as diverse humans in any workplace, Jennifer is THE person. The time you spend with her during Pride Month Celebrations will be life-changing – as so many clients have told us.

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Jeffrey Binney

Jeffrey is an ultrarunner, comedian, and social media “influencer” known for not only his documentary on his ultrarunning journey but his epic dances while out on runs. He is also a proud gay man who tapped into an athletic community of people who typically run more than a marathon – not knowing what to expect. His stories of running as a gay man thankfully don’t involve running for his safety! In his Pride Month Talk, Jeffrey shares his ultrarunning story with humor while also weaving in stories of some of the world’s greatest gay stars. You’ll leave this talk with a smile and feel inspired!

Learn more about Jeffrey Binney

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