Michael W. Twitty

Two-time James Beard Award-winner, Michael W. Twitty talks race, culture, food, faith, and history like no other. Gay, Jewish, and Black, Michael embodies diversity and intersectionality. His latest book, KOSHERSOUL, was named the Jewish book of 2022 by the Jewish Book Council.

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Jewish Alliance
Southern Food Alliance
Yale University
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Juneteenth: Food and Freedom

Photo of Michael Twitty at Rhubarb in Asheville, NCMichael W. Twitty shares the culinary history of food related to Juneteenth celebrations in the US, the complexity of what ends up on our plates, and corrects the myths of Black history in this engaging and entertaining Juneteenth talk. Michael leaves plenty of time for Q&A, too.

Queer Black History You Never Learned in School but Should Have

Join gay author and cultural scholar Michael W. Twitty for a lively and sobering conversation about Queer Black History and LGBTQIA pioneers that have made queer liberation and Black liberation possible. (This talk is ideal for PRIDE MONTH or any month!)

Blacks and Jews in America: Where Do We Go From Here?

Join Michael W. Twitty, the first African American awarded the National Jewish Book Award for Book of the Year, a veteran Hebrew School teacher and scholar of African American cuisine and culture on a discussion of how to create solutions to healing communal relations between Black and Jewish communities in the 21st century.

How to Talk About Slavery: Having the talk with each other and our neighbors about the Foundational Institution

Enslavement, emancipation, reconstruction and deconstruction are intersectional with other parts of American civilization and unfortunately having conversations about them have become verboten in a push to unravel the progressive century. This program will seek to restore sanity and clarity as we face this cornerstone American issue head on and within both national and global contexts. 

Reading Rainbow to August Wilson: How Self Awareness took me out of the Pipeline

Join author and cultural scholar Michael W. Twitty for an autobiographical conversation about the importance of books and learning in the shaping of the life of a young Black male. (This talk is ideal for everyone, not only .edus, libraries, and youth organizations.)

We Are the Jewish People. Are Jews a religion, a race, an ethnicity, a culture?

Join Jewish educator Michael W. Twitty for an intriguing conversation on the nature of Jewish identity and the power of having that conversation. (Ideal for DEI events and ERGs)

The Importance of Black Stories to Everyone

Join author and cultural scholar Michael W. Twitty for a discussion about banned books, what we are losing, and how to fight back. (This talk is ideal for everyone, not only .edus and libraries.)

Kosher/Soul?: Black-Jewish Identity Cooking

Being African American and Jewish is for many a combination that many can’t wrap their heads around. However, for thousands of Jews of color; having heritage, faith and family in both Diasporas—African and Jewish—and their many intersections means creating material, social and ideational lives that interweave identities and histories. For Michael, this includes food and the ways Black and Jews have mediated otherness and oppression using what they eat as well as the global stories Diasporic foodways have to offer. Join Michael on an exploration and a taste of what he calls, “KosherSoul.”  (His new book KosherSoul was published in August, 2022.)

From Cultural Appropriation To Cultural Amplification: 
Our Next Steps As A Society

Since the emergence of the second phase of the culture wars, no phrase since “reverse racism,” has so much ink been spilled over like “cultural appropriation.” Join Michael for a lively dialogue defining what appropriation is and is not, and how we can advance this complex and emotional conversation in ways that empower and push our society to a more nuanced inclusivity. 

The Cooking Gene: Tracing My African American Story Through Food

For African American culinary historian Michael W. Twitty there was a giant hole in the story of American cooking as big as the one in the story of most African American families. Putting the microscope on himself, Michael decided to fully trace out his family history through the story of Southern and American food. Using genetic research, historic interpretation, nature study, heirloom gardening and interviews with contemporary voices in food, his journey led him back to his family’s origins in West and Central Africa and a front ring seat in the debate over race and food in American life.

The Price Of Hyper {In}Visibility: Being Gay, Black, And Male In America

From Lil Nas X, to Empire, from Ru Paul to Pose, Black gay men have never been more hyper visible in American culture and yet Black gay men are still facing unique struggles and challenges that are unique to their diverse journeys. Join an actual Black gay man, openly gay author Michael W. Twitty for a discussion on the dichotomy between visibility and invisibility and slow acceptance. Learn the history of Black gay men in America and take a peek at solution points for a brighter future for the LGBT community and beyond.

From A Haunted Plate: Becoming An 18th and 19th Century Black Chef

Michael takes you on journey through the practical arts of food sourcing and cookery through the lens of a colonial or antebellum era African American cook. He will take the audience from lecture to discussion on the ways that traditional West and Central African food traditions met and melded with each other, those of indigenous peoples and Western Europe and then morphed over decades into centuries. Michael discusses the history of the cuisine as an extension of the foodways of Africa in early America with emphasis on the cooking techniques, cultural transformations, and flavor principles unique to this translation of Western cuisine by early African American chefs.

You Don’t Get To Be 400 By Being Stupid: The Genius Of African American Culture

Black culture in America endures a constant tug of war in the court of public opinion between hype, marvel and hypervisibility and being seen as a detriment, a pathology or degradation. Worse, some don’t really believe there is a Black American or African American culture. Join Michael for an exploration of seven secrets to the endurance of African American civilization and how those will be building blocks for the future. What has African American culture been? Where is it going? 400 years after the tragic beginning at Jamestown, Virginia; let’s have a birthday party for Black America celebrating its cultural resilience and rootedness. 

Culinary Justice: Defining A Theory Of Gastronomic Sovereignty

Food justice, social justice, environmental justice, food sovereignty—and entire language has developed around how we want to see and live in a better world where fairness and right action prevail. In an extension of these concepts, Michael has begun to promote his notion of culinary justice—the idea that historically oppressed peoples have a right to authority, sovereignty, prosperity and acknowledgement in their contribution to national and global foodways. Join Michael for a lively discussion to explore the way the preparation of food unites and divides out narratives and how we can use it for the good. 


Michael W. Twitty – The Talk (CBS)

ABC News – KosherSoul

London (England)

On PBS NewsHour

Michael’s Genetic Reveal (Stagville Historic Plantation, N.C., USA)



The Cooking Gene: A Journey Through African American Culinary History in the Old South

  • Publisher: Amistad
  • ISBN: 9780062379290
  • ISBN 10: 0062379291
  • Pages: 464
  • List Price: 28.99 USD
  • Buy The Cooking Gene: Amazon.comBarnes & Noble

Kosher Soul: The Faith and Food Journey of an African-American Jew

  • Publisher: ‎ Amistad
  • ISBN-10: ‎ 0062891758
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0062891754
  • Pages: ‎ 400 pages
  • List Price: $28.99
  • Buy Kosher Soul: Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Rice: a Savor the South cookbook

  • Publisher: The University of North Carolina Press (March 1, 2021)
  • Hardcover: 120 pages
  • ISBN-10: 1469660245
  • ISBN-13: 978-1469660240
  • Price: $17.64
  • Buy Rice from Amazon.com


“My goodness, Michael Twitty’s talk was amazing! Michael was engaging, informative, moving, and joyful! The chat was on fire the whole time and it was just the perfect balance of thought provoking and fun that we needed. I’ve been getting messages filled with excitement and gratitude since it ended. We could have spent hours together! Needless to say, we are even bigger fans after today’s event.” – Confidential client (virtual talk/discussion)

“Michael’s dynamism drew together people from many backgrounds, and his energy to engage with everyone he met was boundless.  He was able to take on difficult issues such as race, the legacy of slavery, and continuing discrimination of our own time in ways that encourage thoughtful participation from the audience. Michael’s confidence and perseverance in pursuing his mission of historical justice for the contributions of African Americans is truly inspirational.”
Maria Kennedy, Folks Arts Coordinator, The ARTS Council of the Finger Lakes (representing Corning, NY engagements including Corning Community College and Corning, Inc.)

“Michael was an absolute joy to have on our campus. The crowd was very engaged I had many people approach me after the event talking about how much they learned. I even had someone state that this was the best event they had seen on our campus! Michael was an absolute joy to work with and very gracious throughout the process. I learned a lot from him and his truth was more than I could have asked for in a speaker.”
Anneliese Wilson, Speaker Event Coordinator, Cultural Events Board, University of Colorado (Boulder)

“Michael’s event was an absolute hit. All the students and community members had a fantastic time.”
Lazarus Fellow at Yale’s Sustainable Food Program (CT)

“I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how pleased we were with Michael’s recent Kosher Soul presentation to Beth Israel.  We all loved the personal nature of his stories. He captivated the room from the moment he took the stage and his hour and a half presentation seem to go by in five minutes. I believe everyone in the audience would have stayed and listen to him speak for another hour and a half.  He generously stayed afterwards to make sure everybody’s questions were answered. The consensus was that the event was a homerun and I believe some in attendance were so impressed they will be reaching out to you to book him for other groups.  Thanks to you and him for making this event a huge success.”
Scott Nawy,  Beth Israel Congregation

“Michael’s visit to Shippensburg was outstanding! One faculty member said it was one of the best, most memorable visits for a speaker that he could remember. Students reported that they really enjoyed working with him in the kitchen and that is was a truly unique experience. His talk was also well attended and my students got a great deal out of it. We were still talking about it in class almost a week later. His morning session turned out to be quite well attended also, and he had a great discussion with students.  His overall theme really resonated with the students – reflecting upon the nature of food, our alientation from what we eat in a fast-food society, and the importance of recognizing and taking pride in foodways and traditions.  Our new Director of Social Equity was hoping that speakers brought to campus by the Black Heritage Committee would become more than just a one night event, but might inspire action that would have a lasting impact. I think Michael’s visit did that.”  
Dr. John Bloom, Associate Professor, Dept of History and Philosophy, Shippensburg University (PA)


Michael W. Twitty is a culinary historian and food writer living in  Fredericksburg, Virginia. He blogs at Afroculinaria.com. He’s appeared on Bizarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern, Many Rivers to Cross with Henry Louis Gates and most recently Taste the Nation with Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi. HarperCollins released Twitty’s The Cooking Gene, in 2017, tracing his ancestry through food from Africa to America and from slavery to freedom, a finalist for The Kirkus Prize and The Art of Eating Prize and a 3rd place winner of Barnes & Noble’s Discover New Writer’s Awards in Nonfiction. The Cooking Gene won the 2018 James Beard Award for best writing as well as book of the year, making him the first Black author so awarded. His piece on visiting Ghana in Bon Appetit was included in Best Food Writing in 2019 and was nominated for a 2019 James Beard Award. His next book, Rice, a New York Times noted cookbook,  became available through UNC Press in 2021. KosherSoul, his follow-up to The Cooking Gene, was published in August 2022 through HarperCollins and received the 2022 National Jewish Book Award. Michael has a hit spice line based on The Cooking Gene and a recent special guest appearance on Michelle Obama’s Waffles and Mochi show on Netflix. Michael can also be found on MasterClass online, where he teaches Tracing Your Roots Through Food. Michael is a National Geographic Explorer, a TED fellow and a member of the 2022 TIME 100 Next class. He served as a historical consultant on the FX adaptation of Octavia Butler’s “Kindred.”


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