5 Questions with Keynote Speaker and Ultrarunner Jeffrey James Binney

Jeffrey James Binney is not only known for his keynote talks filled with inspiration and humor. Did you know he has become a social media “influencer” due to the fabulous dances that he posts on his Instagram?

I caught up with Jeffrey this past week to pick his brain a bit. Here is my quick interview with him.  (And don’t forget, Jeffrey is available for Pride Month keynote talks – virtual or in person!)

What do you think makes you a unique motivational speaker?

I think the thing that makes me most unique as a speaker is my ability to tell a purposeful story with both humor and heart – sometimes simultaneously. My favorite stories always slam comedy up against tragedy and I love infusing that device into my speaking.

You do it well! Jeffrey! If you had to rate yourself on a scale of FUNNY (from 1- 10), what would you give yourself?

As if I’m stupid or naive enough to answer this one! Ok, fine… let’s go with a 7. Am I funny? Yes. Am I the most prolific comedic genius the world has ever seen? Despite what my mom would say, no, I’m not.

You ran an ultramarathon. How does running fit into your weekly routine these days?

It depends on the week and whether I’m currently training toward a specific goal. On an average week, I go on 3-5 runs or hard mountain hikes. When I’m burnt out and need a break, maybe none. When I’m at the height of ultramarathon training 60-70 miles/week with two 20+ mi runs back to back on the weekends. It also depends on my mental state. If I’m stressed or sad or feeling any sort of strong emotion, I run more. It’s where I sort everything out.

Your mom’s health inspired your quest to do something REALLY out of your comfort zone – ultrarunning. What do you think she would say about what you chose to do?

She would be absolutely over the moon with excitement. I will never have a fan more devoted than she was. She made a valiant effort to change her nutrition and lifestyle choices so she could be here longer, but it was simply too late. Nothing would make her happier than to know I might be avoiding the same fate.

How does your story translate to motivating a large audience perhaps of business people who typically wear corporate wear when they’re not working in their underwear from home during pandemics?

You can put lipstick on a pig but at the end of the day, it’s still a pig. The same applies here. We’re all human. We all have goals. We all struggle. And we all have the ability to do ridiculously and unimaginably hard things once armed with the right tools and mindset.