They’re winners of the “Oscar” of the food and beverage industry – the James Beard Award.

Food is something we all can claim – it is our moments cooking alongside a grandparent, walking through a market with an elder, or tending a garden. It is celebrations, creator of conversation, and a source of identity. At work, it sparks conversation across a desk or at a client meeting, brings people together to connect on a different level, and when utilized “right” actually helps us to better understand each other in a diverse world.

To do food well – that is, well enough to land a “Beard Award” – you need to make it your life’s work. Three of our speakers have reached the mighty goal of wearing the medal of the beloved James Beard. Two of the awards were won in 2022.

Melibee Global Speakers has outstanding food speakers across the board, no doubt, however, with these awards, these three have raised a new awareness in the food industry. (Re)meet James Beard Foundation Award winners Michael Twitty, Meherwan Irani, and Alan Bergo – all outstanding speaking options for your food-related events.

Michael W. Twitty

Michael is the walking definition of intersectionality and identity. As a Jewish, black, gay, Southern (US) man, Michael has a lot to say about showing up in the world exactly as he is. For Michael, food is the lens in which he examines the world. His talks range from food as a vehicle to understanding each other better and the nuances of culinary history. For unique gatherings such as large conferences, he is able to offer cooking demos as a vehicle to bring co-workers together in a new way.

Michael is an award-winning author of The Cooking Gene and two times James Beard Award winner for best writing and best book. His new book, KosherSoul, explores the intersections of his Jewish and black identities through food and history. He has presented to over 500 organizations around the globe and is known for highly informative and entertaining talks with generous time for discussion and Q&A.

Learn more about Michael W. Twitty

Meherewan Irani

Winner of the 2022 James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Restaurant (Chai Pani), Chef Meherewan Irani’s food speaks volumes. It tells the story of a man who lives life with gusto, intention, and love. His food talks range from topics of leadership, restaurant culture, unique organizational structuring, storytelling, recruitment/retention, and the value of unraveling best practices. His energetic nature combined with his innate talent and presence makes him a very memorable keynote, one that will have you returning to your food world with an extra pep in your step and innovative ideas to explore. 

Learn more about Meherwan Irani

Alan Bergo

Alan Bergo is the 2022 James Beard Award winner for Instructional Visual Media for the gorgeous series “The Wild Harvest with Alan Bergo.”. Alan is a brilliant forager and chef who can take just about anything in your yard or the woods and create a stunning meal out of it. His innovative writing on flavors of plants will have you looking at weeds in an entirely new way. 

Alan is able to present to farmers/gardeners as well as those in the food and drink industries – showing us new ways to use what you see in green spaces every day. He is also available for consultations. 

Learn more about Alan Bergo

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