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We’re thrilled to offer two of the top motivational keynote speakers who have all the goods! Be warned, extreme laughter and even some tears may be shed during these keynotes. The sure outcome from these motivational talks is a higher joy for all things at work, increased confidence, and business results.

Every team that works tirelessly needs a pick me, up – right?!  It takes energy to get out there every day and perform beyond expectation.  It takes resiliency, courage, skill, and time to hit pause and be reminded of all that you bring to the table. Your brilliance in this world is alight that needs to be shared!

Jeffey Binney is a Melibee Global Top Motivational Keynote Speaker

Jeffrey Binney

Jeffrey Binney is a motivational plus-size ultrarunner who reminds us that when life gets tough, we can do really hard things. Motivated by the early passing of his mother, Jeffrey decided to take charge of his own health by taking up a 100 mile run, something he had never imagined doing. His hysterical and deeply touching stories of this journey will leave you feeling like your team feeling like they can conquer anything with a sense of purpose and humor, too!

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Melibee Global Top Motivational Keynote Speaker, Candace Doby.

Candace Doby

Candace Doby knows that every single person on your team is brilliant, but that they often don’t let that same brilliance shine.  Doing so takes courage and Candace shows you how to exercise your courage muscle at work.  An exceptional storyteller, Candace will have your team feeling empowered and ready to tackle anything thrown their way. A former marketing executive, Candace has studied courage for more than a decade and distilled those lessons into one skill-based and impactful talk! Your team will leave this presentation feeling ready to shine!

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