Here is a sample of the feedback I’ve received over the years.  I trust this will give you a sense of my work ethic, heartfelt commitment to international education, and professional capabilities.  – Missy Gluckmann, Founder of Melibee Global

(We have a testimonial page specifically for the International Education Career Academy (ICEA) – Formerly known as the C4 – click here to see what participants have had to say!)

“In the enormously busy finish of our school year, I was unsure if I ever sent you a hearty thank you for all your help in bringing Ibrahim Abdul-Matin here to give the Ethics Lecture last Spring. You made the entire process very easy. I sincerely appreciate your efforts. Thank you so much for making the work that you do to make the world a better place.”  – M.M., Professor, Saint Francis University (PA)

“Missy, you are a GREAT facilitator – you connect so well although we do not see verbal or visual feedback like you would in person.” – Mattie C., online workshop participant 

“We had a great event with a great turnout (over 150 people!). I’m very hopeful that Aman’s show gave people a new/different perspective on Islam and energized them to engage in interfaith dialogue…all while laughing and having fun. Thank you for all of your guidance, patience, and coordination throughout the past few months. You have been wonderful to work with! Last night was an early kick-off to our International Education Week celebration at Edgewood and we’re off to the most amazing start. Thank you, Aman and Missy!” – Administrator, Edgewood College, commenting on speaker Aman Ali’s visit 

“Missy’s help and support has been invaluable during this process! After I received my initial offer, I was feeling very reluctant to negotiate the salary, but with Missy’s encouragement, I pushed through the awkwardness and self-doubt and ended up receiving $3,000 more on my base salary! Seriously, it pays to put yourself out there and go for it! I can’t thank Missy enough for everything she’s done, and I also want to thank everyone in the cohort for sharing your wealth of knowledge with the group… it has helped more than you know!” – J.Z., ICEA Participant (2016)

“Yesterday I had a 4.5 hour long interview. I have never been confident in my interviewing skills, but yesterday I really “left it all on the field,” as athletes say. This is my dream job, and while there’s of course the chance that I won’t get it, I’m so happy that I represented myself well. Being part of this (C4 Cohort) group has aided me in this process by giving me not only IE-specific knowledge, but also CONFIDENCE.” – Anonymous ICEA Participant (2017) – and PS – She DID get the job! 🙂

“Missy helped me position myself and get out of my own way during this search. The coaching she provided was a Godsend! Missy’s guidance especially in advocating for myself during the negotiation stage was critical. (and boy was that tough for me) Moving forward I’ll always value myself by asking for what I want and adding more to my retirement account! Again, thanks to all in the group who shared their journey. It was so encouraging as I went through my own.” – N.C, ICEA participant (2017)

“Prior to my resume re-do, I was sending out mass applications and barely getting any replies. Post resume re-do with Melibee Global’s methodology, I fielded 5 interviews in just the first week. I landed a job soon after.” – Anonymous, resume workshop participant

“I would recommend Missy as a career coach because she transformed the “job search” into “creating my career path.” She teaches you how to get your resume noticed, how to share your story to ace your interview, and, once you get the offer, how to negotiate and ask the right questions to make sure its the right fit for you. Thanks Missy!” – S.W., ICEA Participant

“I accepted the offer!  I know your method helped, because I applied to X University back in the fall and my resume didn’t even get through the first round!” – Anonymous resume workshop participant

2014_MelibeeSwarm (81) (Small)
Missy presents at the Melibee Swarm on Culture, Identity and Perspective in Asheville, N. Carolina (USA)

“Missy, this Swarm on Culture, Identity and Perspective was AMAZING. I was a skeptic going in, but no joke, the Swarm changed my life!” – From an evaluation (anonymous)

“Thank you so much for your all your help and hard work. We really appreciate how easy you made it for us and it was a pleasure working with you! Overall, the event went great! Aman Ali’s performance was awesome and we hope he enjoyed it as much as we did.” – T.H., Elmurst College MSA

“I am very pleased with my resume coaching experience. Missy’s coaching is top notch. She is undoubtedly very knowledgeable in the field. She is efficient in her review and feedback. Most of all, she is positive and encouraging. Thanks to her input and positivity, I believe I can successfully make what feels like a difficult career transition.” – C.M, Resume Coaching Client

“I thought the workshop on Stress and Balance in Int’l Ed was excellent. The thoughts and views that were shared were applicable to every day life.” – Workshop participant

“Melibee Global is a great resource for International Educators! I attended one of her trainings which focused on short-term study abroad programs and left with a wealth of great information. I also booked a speaker through Melibee and was very pleased with the quality of the program and the ease of the logistics. Missy is great to work with!” – Bonnie Parker, University of North Carolina, Asheville (UNCA)

“After leaving an on-site position abroad that I had held for the past 7 years I found myself in the U.S. facing an extremely competitive job market in international education and an unfamiliar application process. Missy worked with me one-on-one to dissect my resume ensuring that every single piece was working in my favor. Taking it from an extremely wordy 2 pages to 1 very succinct page. I easily made it through the computer screening of my resume and my information was sent on to the hiring committee. After only 3 months back in the U.S. I was called in for my first interview and in fact landed my dream job! Missy’s guidance and extraordinary knowledge of resumes, cover letters, and the interview process in the field helped make my current job possible. I will be forever grateful for her assistance and would highly recommend her services to anyone.”  – B.A., Career Coaching Client

“I adore how close we all got at the Melibee Swarm.. it takes a really wonderful program to get people to be vulnerable in such a large group and in such a short amount of time. Kudos.” – From an evaluation (anonymous)

Missy Gluckmann Melibee Global at Forum at Education Abroad Conference
Missy (center) meets with colleagues from SUNY and UNCA at the Forum conference.

“That is the most helpful resume advice I have ever received!” – Jessica S.,  Resume Coaching Client

“Awesome idea and fab execution. The Melibee Swarm was so great. In my line of work, if I’m not happy or motivated, it’s hard for me to do a good job. So the first step is to work on myself. The Swarm has inspired me to put more of myself into my work, to be creative, and to expand in directions I never would have thought of.” – From an evaluation (anonymous)

How to Negotiate Your Salary was really informative and helped build my confidence in negotiation skills. I will definitely take another Melibee training.” – Jessica G., ICEA workshop participant

“You got my mind going in all different directions, in a good way, trying to think about what is important in my new and improved resume.” – Career Coaching Client, Florida

Thank you to,Kathleen, for this video testimonial:

This is a review of Beyond Abroad: Innovative Re-entry Exercises  (Thank you Small Planet Studio!)

“I feel like I’ve advanced in leaps and bounds since I first came in contact with you and Melibee, thanks to your advising and the 3 Action Steps.” -Kathleen K., workshop participant 

“The workshop really was a big success. I really appreciate your time in putting it together.” -School for International Training  representative re: a presentation for MA candidates studying International Education

Missy participates in an exercise at the Melibee Swarm (2014)

“It has been a few months since I participated in your webinar, but I wanted to thank you again for speaking with me during my job search. I’m happy to report that I was offered and accepted a position at a Study Abroad office. I have just started this week and I’m very excited about the opportunity. I know that participating in your webinar and exploring all the resources on your website were an incredible benefit to me during my job search.”  –  College administrator, workshop participant

“I was truly fortunate to be Missy Gluckmann’s colleague at NYU. I am now an Independent College Counselor, and I am still continually impressed with Missy’s vast knowledge of the International Education field, her keen insights and her easy rapport with students. Indeed, Missy is an expert in her discipline and she is my primary resource for any questions regarding study abroad. I know she will give me solid advice, grounded in years of experience.”– Krista Colthup, Educational Consultant, New Canaan, CT

Missy and filmmaker, Arnd Wachter, being interviewed in Virginia.

“…Missy’s  passion for inspiring an international mindset among the student body is contagious. Missy is always spearheading innovative ways to reach out to different groups on campus. She realizes that “thinking globally” is important on every level and that it cuts across the curriculum, programming, students, faculty, and staff alike. Missy really knows what it takes to successfully organize, implement, communicate, and achieve results. She does so with the highest levels of integrity and enthusiasm…”  – Jamie Gelbtuch, Founder/Principal Consultant, Cultural Mixology

“I had the pleasure of working with Missy while at Cartus, as she was the International Account Manager for a major client for whom I provided language services. Missy and I also worked together on the Global Education Initiative, an award winning program she developed for staff to volunteer in local schools. Missy and I have continued to stay in touch, as we have a shared passion for international education and truly making the world a better place. I admire Missy greatly, and view her as a mentor and a great friend. I would jump at the opportunity to work with or for Missy at anytime, and give her my highest recommendation.” – Pamela Ruiz, Former Language Specialist at Cartus

“When Missy worked in the SUNY (State University of New York) system, we had the opportunity to work together in the Council on International Education group. I always find Missy to be professional, well prepared and up-to-date on the field of international education.”– Pat Coates, Assistant Director, International Education at the College of Brockport (SUNY)

Some of the Melibee team, past and present
Some of the Melibee team, past and present

“Missy created a program called the Global Education Initiative at Cartus. This program brought intercultural awareness to elementary and secondary schools throughout Fairfield County. Missy spearheaded the collaboration between the company and the schools, insuring that children of all ages learned about the experiences of children in other countries. Her unfailing passion culminated in the receipt of a Gold Award (highest honor) from the Connecticut Quality Innovation Awards program, an annual program that recognizes the above-and-beyond contributions of corporations throughout Connecticut.”  – Robyn Whittingham, former HR Director, Cartus Corporation, Danbury, CT

“Given the ever-expanding multitude of international opportunities, consulting an experienced professional can impact the quality of a student’s experience. I wish I had Ms. Gluckmann’s services when I was an undergrad! She is an experienced and enthusiastic educator in international travel. I’m thrilled to see she is now offering her services to the general public.”       – Dr. Jody Vaisman, Higher Education Administrator and former college consultant

“Enthusiastic, devoted, smart are words that describe Missy Gluckmann. Anyone lucky enough to know her can give testament to her integrity and dedication. As a coworker, I can express a deep respect for her skills. As her friend, I can speak of the deep compassion and empathy she shows one and all. Missy is a highly qualified and knowledgeable advocate for international education. Having planned two highly successful international trips together, I can say without hesitation that she is true professional and an expert in her field.” – Melinda Placanica, Former Faculty at Rockland Community College/Founder of the Successful Learning Center

“The ‘cross-world’ network connections are more than Melibee Global colleagues…you feel like you’re working with a close personal friend. Missy’s contagious excitement and passion for international destinations and culture is complimented by her dedication and diligence every step of the way. This parent couldn’t have done it with out her!”  – Julie Holmes, Parent

Tara Nygaard presents on authentic technology at the Melibee Swarm (2014)
Tara Nygaard presents on authentic technology at the Melibee Swarm (2014)

“Missy is one of the most culturally aware people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She’s always been willing to help even when she has a full plate of her own. She is a client focused customer service professional that is highly regarded by her team, peers and supervisors.”  – Pablo Colon, Regional VP, Business Development at Mobility Services International

“… I viewed her as my mentor during my time abroad in London, England. She has been more than helpful with my studies and has helped me formulate a path to achieve my goals. I am very thankful to have her as an adviser.”  – Anthony D., Rockland Community College 

“Missy is a very dedicated professional; I was always very impressed with Missy’s charisma, willingness to go above and beyond for her clients. She has the gift of increasing the clients’ trust and has therefore helped the company client retention.” – Hamilton Farias, Sales Director, Cartus