Tips for Engaging Virtual Event Participants During the Omicron Variant

Just when we thought we were good to go, the omicron variant decided to show up at our programs and events. Without an invitation no less!

So how are we handling this latest twist of the pandemic?  With agility, that’s how.

At Melibee Global Speakers, we continue to monitor the ebbs and flows of the pandemic and continue booking speakers through it all.  Agility allows us to flex as needed to keep our speakers and your conference/training participants safe.  For now (Jan. 5, 2022), most event planners and speakers are opting for virtual engagements. For anyone who would like to postpone events, we are doing so as asked. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and communicate any preferences/changes to our clients.

Meanwhile, how can we spice up the virtual space to keep people engaged? Here are 3 tips:

  1. Keep it interactive: Throw out questions regularly to encourage focus and interest in the screen and topic.
  2. Bring Back Break out Rooms:  Have participants talk in break out rooms directly after keynote talks to reflect and process the learning.  Have them conclude with a short list of how the information can be used in smaller teams, too.
  3. Move:  Have a yoga/stretching person at your virtual gathering to lead movement between presentations.  Participants can opt to turn off their cameras while they stretch and breathe during these periods if it makes them feel more comfortable.

Remember, this variant will pass and eventually, life in person will resume as we once knew it. Meanwhile, we’ll keep making a whole lot of lemonade out of some variant lemons!