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Candace Doby

 Candace Doby knows that life is too short to play games with your potential. She has spoken to nearly 100K+ people about how to own your brilliance at work, transforming employees into more confident, empowered, and productive people.

Past Speaking Engagements

Blacks in Business
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SUNY Oneonta
EGR – Global Gaming
International Interior Design Association
American Association of Medical Colleges
University of Georgia
TedX Atlanta

Speaking Options

(Ideal for a Juneteenth Celebration) – Calling On Courage: What Black History Can Teach Us About Taking More Worthwhile Risks At Work

(Note: Candace also has a WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH version of this talk)

What stops us from taking worthwhile risks in the workplace — risks like having hard conversations about diversity and inclusion, showing up authentically for ourselves and our teams, and challenging old systems that do not serve new workplace realities? The answer centers on courage. Speaker and coach Candace Doby leverages stories of incredible courage from leaders in black history to show participants how to conjure their own to speak up, step up and show up at work. 

Create A Courage-Ready Culture

Candace Doby HeadshotWhat could your organization accomplish with a workplace culture that duly equips and rightly supports team members to take worthwhile risks and perform to their potential? A lot — including more innovation, higher employee engagement and increased productivity. In this presentation, speaker and coach Candace Doby shows leaders how to create a Courage-Ready Culture™ where everyone can contribute and own their brilliance.

By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Follow the courage process its team members go through to prepare themselves to own their brilliance at work.
  • Identify key opportunities within that process to deliberately engage and support their teams in taking worthwhile risks.
  • Apply key strategies to those opportunities that, when repeated, start to create a culture where employees are ready, willing and able to courageously speak up, step up and show up.

Courage at Work: How to take more risks and own your brilliance

Candace Doby Promotional Head Shot PhotoAn organization’s ability to reach its highest level of excellence comes down to one thing: its people — courageously owning their brilliance, in both typical and transitional times.  But how do you get them to speak up with divergent ideas, show up with authenticity and step up with confidence when failure and judgment loom as potential outcomes? In this leadership development presentation, speaker and coach Candace Doby blends storytelling and research to take participants through a process for how to manage fear, activate personal courage and take worthwhile risks — so they can unleash their potential and make a greater impact on their organization.

By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Identify three key components in the development of courage that will eliminate the frustrating feeling of not knowing where to start when facing a new challenge.
  • Convert those components into a process that prepares them to evaluate risks from insight, instead of insecurity.
  • Leverage that process when opportunities arise for them to step outside of their comfort zone and demonstrate their brilliance.

The Courage To Own Your Brilliance: DEI In The Workplace

Candace Doby TedXIt takes a lot of courage to thrive in a world where you are challenged, questioned, and/or dealing with daily microaggressions as a person of color. In this talk, Candace shares stories of DEI + belonging through the lens of courage. She offers advice about how to conjure your courage to more fully embody your own brilliance — to lay claim to your uniqueness, skills, and experiences — to support the creation of space for DEI+Belonging initiatives to take root in organizations. This talk is ideal for corporate ERGs as well as youth (schools/colleges/organizations) and is ideal for Black History Month, too.

Selected Media

Sizzle Reel

TEDx: Be Courageous. Not Fearless.



Candace doby testimonial by ashlie white“Our organization was looking for an energetic and engaging speaker to motivate our attendees in their roles as advocates. We were incredibly fortunate to find Candace Doby to give the keynote during our annual Policy Forum in Washington D.C. She presented with a fantastic energy. Her engaging style is also approachable and down-to-earth, allowing attendees to connect to her message and see themselves within it.”
Ashlie White, Chief Programs Officer – Amputee Coalition


Cara Dollinger testimonail for Candace Doby“Candace spoke for us at our  council conference, kicking off our main event which had about 1100 attendees. Having her speak really set the tone and filled everyone with excitement as we went into the week! Her message was well-delivered, inspirational and she tailored it to fit our attendees. She was professional, fun and relatable. I highly recommend Candace as a keynote speaker!”
Cara Dollinger, League of SE Credit Unions

About Candace DOBY

Featured on MSNBC and NPR, Candace Doby is a speaker, author, and coach who works with companies and organizations to create a culture of courage where employees perform at their highest potential.

Candace combines a decade of research on courage with her experiences leading marketing teams at Chipotle and traveling the world solo. This unique combination equips her with the implementable strategies she has shared with thousands of leaders to help them courageously speak up, step up and show up in the workplace.
Candace is known for delivering those strategies with a blend of truth, love and a bit of shade to match the realness of courage, which prompts clients to refer to her in-person and virtual presence as “captivating”. She has spoken with thousands of employees at organizations such as the The Timken Company, The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transportation Authority, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and The American Camp Association.

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